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Interior Designing Courses – Eligibility & Career Prospects

Interior design courses provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills required to become an interior decorator, residential designer, commercial designer or home stager. Individuals who have completed interior design courses, have a good understanding of various color palettes, and have the ability to match appropriate fabrics, colors, furniture, and fixtures to create aesthetically pleasing spaces are best suited for courses such as interior and home design. An interior decorator is hired to redesign and renovate existing interior spaces, including furniture, fabrics, and accessories.

What is Interior Designing?

Interior design is the art or process of designing the inside of a space—from buildings to homes to furniture. The field is broad, spanning from specifying furnishings and wall finishes to supervising construction, and interior designers may specialize in one or more areas of the field.

If you’re just learned about interior designing, you might wonder what it is; after all, anyone can paint walls or hang pictures, right? Well, not exactly. Interior design is a profession, and its practitioners (or “designers”) not only know how to make a room look great, but also understand how to make those walls, doors, and windows not only look good, but also function well.

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Colours is the essence

Why Study Interior Designing?

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Designing on the Fly using Apps

The desire to decorate and design living spaces is innate in human beings. From placing that very first poster on the wall to filling an entire room with furniture, this desire has evolved over time. With furniture, especially, people are always looking for innovative, interesting and classy pieces. While decorative pieces can be works of art, they can also serve a functional purpose.

Interior designing is a common field of study for students around the world. It is the study of designing the interiors (or outsides) of buildings. Interior designing is recognized as a creative career, and it is one of the most used terms for interior designers. Interior designing is a broad term, since it includes the design of multiple aspects of a building, such as floors, walls, ceilings, windows and furniture. Interior designing professionals specialize in certain aspects of design. Some specialize in designing the floors, some walls, some windows, some furniture, and so on. Interior designing is not only popular in Indian states, but in other developing countries as well. In India, for example, many vocational training institutes have set up interior designing courses for students.

Skillsets required to pursue Interior Designing

First and foremost you need to have an interest in the field of Arts/ Designing in general and a keen liking towards Interior Spatial design. Over the duration of the course you will be exposed to various aspects of Interior Designing, with the right guidance and interest these skills can be acquired and excelled at. Some of the skills that you will develop over the period of 3/ 4 years of this course are:

  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Purchasing & Execution
  • Managing
  • Marketing
  • Managing Clients
  • Communication and Documentation
  • Presentation and Presentation Skills
  • Residential Designing
  • Commercial Designing
  • Interior Designing Lectures
  • Interior Designing Internships
  • Interior Designing Projects
  • Project Management Skills
  • Office Management Skills
  • Leadership Skills
interior designing skills
Interior Designing Skills

Interior Design Subjects

As per the latest NEP (National Education Policy) guidelines and its implementation by Bangalore University, the B.Sc. Interior Design Course

Certificate in Interior Designing

Diploma in Interior Designing

Bachelor of Interior Design

Course link of

Bachelor with Honours in Interior Design

Interior Design Course Eligibility

The minimum education required to enroll in the Interior Design course is: 10+2 (Science/ Commerce/ Arts) or Diploma in relevant fields (Architecture/ Interiors/ Civil).

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Interior Design Career Prospects & Top Employers

If you are thinking about becoming a professional interior designer, you probably already know a bit about interior design and you probably also know how lucrative a career in interior design can be. But, what you might not realize is that professionals in this field have a multitude of different backgrounds and areas of expertise, and to be a successful professional interior designer you need to study all aspects of interior design, from furniture and color coordination to lighting and structural design.

Although we have seen our students pursue various other streams as well post their course completion

FAQs for Interior Designing Courses

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