Fashion Design department, BGS & SJB Group of Institutions, Bangalore, organized a webinar on “GLOBAL TRENDS-NATURAL DYES” on 19th Feb 2022, between 7.30 PM to 9.30 PM for II, IV & VI semester students and also other Institutions faculties and students participated. The eminent guest speaker was Mrs. Kavyashree, with more than 8yrs of experience as a Fashion designer in the textile industry and Kannada film industry. The speaker has always tried to work in a minimalist style with sustainable designs. She was drawn to Natural dyeing in 2012 and since then she has worked towards mastering the art of dyeing by traveling across India learning indigenous dyeing and printing techniques in natural dyeing. With her journey she discovered the joy of sharing valuable information on natural dyes and its application which resulted in her hosting more than 20 workshops across India, including National level sessions at University of Calcutta.

She has also contributed to the open access book on “Chemistry and Technology of Natural and Synthetic Dyes and Pigments” which is been accessed by more than 12000 researchers by authoring a chapter “Printing of Textiles Using Natural Dyes: A Global Sustainable Approach”

The speaker discussed about the global trends-natural dyes, complete overview about natural dyes, Pigments, how to extract pigments, Indigo and growing process of indigo and extraction of indigo, dyeing techniques, how natural dyes can be made available to all common people and awareness of using natural dyes products and simple home dyeing techniques.

The session was very informative for everyone to know various natural dyed products that can be used for dyeing and its techniques. She also shared few very simple tricks and tips used for dyeing using natural dyes at home. The session was fruitful and informative; the students and faculties were educated on the natural dyes.

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