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‘My creative journey at SJB School of Design’ is an article written by Sandra Maria, a student at the institute currently pursuing her B.Sc. degree in Interior Design and Decoration. She shares her experience of the first few months pursuing the interior design course, campus life and future aspirations.

Sandra Maria Martin

Introduction to Author:

I am Miss Martin, Sandra Maria Martin. I come from the city of Kochi in Kerala. I am well into my early twenties and I am in pursuit of achieving my career dreams with that artist in me. I am in the first year of my Interior Design & Decoration. So far, I am loving this journey and I can’t wait to see what my future career holds.

My Creative Journey at SJB School of Design

This is my second degree. I first tried learning in Taxation & Finance for 3 years. But, participating in that course made me realize that my interests did not lie in doing B.Com. And this is where SJB College comes into the story.  

I am currently enrolled in the interior design course as mentioned before. The reason I chose to have a different career path is that I had a passion for interior design. I love the idea of setting up homes with different themes and styles. Changing rooms to fit a client’s expectations and vision excites me. 

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Figure 01: Mood Board
Figure 02: Colour Wheel

Learning about different materials used in construction provides me with knowledge about the best material to use in interiors for any situation. Also, learning 2D and 3D design helps in the initial stages of planning a house interior.

Learning about the elements, principles, and perspectives of interior design brings together all the basics required to create the perfect design. I also learned about color theory. And then I have the option to learn extra skills by choosing electives like fashion studies and digital fluency. All these courses tie up together to build the skills that a student needs in order to pursue a career in Interior design.

Figure 03: Perspective Drawing

I have been on campus for around 6-7 months now. The campus is in the Kengeri neighborhood of Bengaluru. The entire campus has a lovely ambiance. The institution offers a variety of architectural, design, and fashion studies courses. The curriculum for each course is both content-rich and engaging. It gives you all of the basic skills and knowledge you’ll need to excel in your chosen field. Students are all very kind and pleasant, regardless matter whose subject they are in. I also have the most helpful instructors that supply you with information and guidance. I am definitely enjoying my time here. 

By the completion of my degree, my ultimate objective is to get a solid career that allows me to pursue my passion. When I have designed the ideal interiors for the house, I wish to see joyful expressions on my future customers’ faces.

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