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A School for Interior Design

There are many schools that teach the art of interior design. Not only in India, but also worldwide.

There are even at home Internet courses available to help you get your degree in interior design. Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata all have top interior design programs at their colleges.

And what better place to attend a school than where trends are hot and where you can get a challenging and comprehensive curriculum that gives you experience with both residential and contract design.

As with many career subjects, there are different degrees available to the interior design student. You can start with a certificate, move to a Diploma, then a Bachelors, Bachelors with Honours and a Masters degree.

Each one is harder to get and takes more time and more money. But the exciting career you will have waiting for you when you graduate are well worth every rupee spent and hours dedicated to the courses.

You can also choose an area of specialty in which you want to work. It is important however to keep the options open because one never knows what the job market will be like.

It is better to know more about more than just one small specialty. Then you can move to the area where there are more jobs in demand.

Most people will specialize in either residential or business interior design though. There are pluses to all of these, but with residential, you must be keyed in on your customer and their lifestyle.

You won’t want to design an interior the way you would want yours. It may not fit your client’s lifestyle.

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