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I’m Amulya V pursuing a bachelor’s degree in interior design and decoration at SJB School of Design. My article is based on “THE WALLPAINTING COMPETITION” held at our college premises on the 8th of December 2021. This content is about how normal space could be enhanced in an artistic way. My team and I are heartily grateful for the given opportunity by our college lectures and administration.


Fig 1: Empty wall

Fig 1 is the wall before the painting. It is located on the ground floor of the premises. It was a somberly painted wall. As it is a long wall, design thinking also becomes challenging keeping in mind the length.

Fig 2a: Wall at the start of Painting
Fig 2b: Wall at the start of Painting
Fig 2c: Stay back at College


Choosing what to work on the wall was a major challenge since each person had numerous ideas. Getting along and disagreeing with different ideas occupied most of our time. Our call was to renovate the space with a hint of interior concepts.

We were finally on the right pitch, after zillions of team discussions, trials, and errors, and our expected idea was finalized. With a sigh of relief, we realized the real hustle began. We had to get everything together, right from the pencils to the paints. It wasn’t as easy as expected to turn a simple wall into a beautiful masterpiece. Yes, there were sleepless nights, hungry stomachs, and other complications as we immersed ourselves in the work, deeply focused on its output.

Fig 3: Conceptualizing


Fig 04: A blend of Simple shapes and colours – Part 01

As it horizontally vertical wall, it was smartly divided into three sections. Fig 4 shows the 1st section of the work. The art seems complicated, but it’s simply a combination of simple shapes and colours. It’s just a simple composition of squares, circles, and triangles creatively arranged.

“This is the beauty of how simple things make a major difference.”

Looking at the whole artwork, the artwork of Fig 5 appears to be a replica of Fig 4 but  ts upside-down with its patterns and directions. The art consists of basic geometric shapes and basic colors. The use of simple shapes and colours rather than being simple was given an interesting pattern. The same color is used in the same spot in the exact same place, but the puzzled aspect adds artistry.

Fig 05: A blend of Simple shapes and colours – Part 03
Fig 06: A blend of Simple shapes and colours – Part 02

The middle section (Fig 6) is also composed of squares, rectangles, and circles in some parts, 3d was also applied. As it was the middle section, the contrast between the 1st  and  3rd  part  was painted. Primary colors, secondary colors, and tertiary colors  were used. The middle section was supposedly done to add in a feel  of building elements in an abstract manner. This was complimented  with patterns and colors. As one can see, the painting represents a  staircase in a graffiti form.

Fig 7: Work in progress
Fig 8: Completed Wall

The work might look simple or complicated but the grind was real, and as a team, we were very happy with our output.


Fig 9: The Team accompanied by our Faculty members

Team members:

Fig 10: The Team accompanied by our Faculty members
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