Fashion Design department, BGS & SJB Group of Institutions, Bangalore, organized a seminar on “PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT POSSIBILITY IN SILK” on 28TH  FEB 2022, between 2:00 PM to 3.30 PM for I, III & V semester students. The eminent guest speaker was Mr. V H Maharaddi, Scientist, Karnataka State Sericulture Research and Development Organization, Bangalore.

The speaker discussed about silk, composition of silk, technical properties of silk, by products of silk, importance of serecin which is being removed during degumming process, beauty products utilized during ancient times, serein importance in the cosmetic industry, importance of preservative free cosmetics, different types of fabrics etc.,

The session was really informative and students came to know about the cosmetics applications on skin, custom made cosmetics, value of naturally available  beauty enhancing products. The webinar concluded with the Q & A session and feedback form for the students.

This session was extremely informative and added valuable insights to the students on the Fashion Industry.

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